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38 The card reader cannot be installed on Windows. The computer displays the error message...
37 When I click the icon, the red lamp goes out and the card reader doe not work.
36 Why is the driver not installed on Windows Me?
35 Whenever I use the smart media, my computer crashes or a fatal error occurs.
34 Why does the flash card get damaged?
33 I cannot copy files.
32 Can I just refill all three colors at the same time?
31 After refilling, certain colors are not printed, white lines appear, and the color is faint.
30 I refilled the ink, but I still get a shortage indicated on the screen
29 The ink leaks out after refilling.
28 After refilling, the ink leaks out from the nozzle but nothing is printed on.
27 After refilling, the ink does not come out from the nozzle,white lines appear and the color is faint
26 Don’t you have injection-type products?
25 Can the heads of the Epson models be used permanently?
24 The print output blurs or the ink stains.
23 The ink leaks before opening it or after installing it.
22 The No Ink lamp is still turned on even after I replaced the cartridge to a new one.
21 Even after I replaced the cartridge with a new one, the “No Ink” lamp is turned on
20 Even after I replaced the cartridge with a new one, the “No Ink” lamp is turned on.
19 Can all the three colors be refilled at the same time?